1.       To manage complete computer education abhiyan by providing different computer and vocational courses.

2.       To work for welfare of the economically and socially backward people and also for community development.

3.       To provide computer education to economically poor and needy.

4.       To provide vocational courses for young and unemployed youth.

5.       To promote cultural activities by arranging programs time to time.

6.       To arrange competition in educational fields for the growth of the students.

7.       To provide computer facility for all.

8.       To provide free education for the any segment of the community.

9.       To begin and establish computer and vocational institute.

10.   To provide free vocational courses like fashion designing, Beauty parlor courses for the girls.

11.   To provide books, illustration, news letters and other publication material for the promotion of above aims and objectives.

12.   To promote role model institute for computer education in the modern world.

13.   To pursue high quality education and research in different fields.

14.   To create a forum for senior citizens where they can exchange their various views and experiences which may be make available to younger generation.

15.   To arrange early morning and late evening special batches for salaried class and other professional people.

16.   To provide free consessional education to the helpless, poor and needy students especially to the handicap students.

17.   To arrange special separate batches for girls and housewives.

18.   To arrange sports activities from time to time for the encouragement of the students.

19.   To conduct special professional workshops for the training of students and as well as staff.

20.   To arrange seminars for the promotion of free computer education in schools, colleges, institutions and other government and non government offices.

21.   To arrange awareness camps for the community like pollution control, family planning, planting trees, save earth etc.

22.   To arrange welfare camps for the community like blood donation etc.

23.   To take a step against child marriage, child labour, dowry system, use of drugs etc.