After food, clothes and house, it is computer education that has posed as another greatest challenge for modern community. A common man can not afford the fees of computer education offered by some coaching institutes. So our prime objective is to provide best quality computer education to the every segment of the community. We observe that Information Technology sector is growing and being globalised, lots of opportunities are opening in it. But the sad news for our country is that we very poor in the area of Information Technology sector. But we can not carry the load of this incompleteness. So the main aim of Sarv Saksharta Computer Education Abhiyan is to provide professional and technical education in rural and as well as in developed areas. Our main focus is to provide free computer education to the every segment of the community in both rural and urban areas.

            It is a matter of great satisfaction that through this mode of computer education, students of any segment of the community , who due to their social , financial , geographical constraints can not afford computer education, have been integrated in the main stream of education. The objective of Sarv Saksharta Computer Education Abhiyan is to help students to cultivate technical skills, Self knowledge, self confidence so that every individual can make himself stand in this competitive world with professional skills. This mission started taking small shape and very soon the strength of students as well as faculty started to grow up. Lots of people of different age groups were benefited by getting the basic and advanced computer education through Sarv Saksharta Computer Education Abhiyan.

My best wishes to all of you and I welcome you to Sarv Saksharta Computer Education Abhiyan family and invite you to immerse yourself in exciting range of computer and other vocational courses available here.